UGM, Inc.

Ministering to children since 1926                                                                                                      Incorporated in : 1933


	Every where we go, we ask questions, we listen, we probe for answers. The problems are the same ones everywhere … children are sick, children die and for much the same reasons. 

	There are two predominant causes for childhood mortality: intestinal disorders and malnutrition. Both are curable. 

	But each year over 15 million children still die from contaminated water (causing disease and diarrhea) and malnutrition (lack of nutritious food causing immune system breakdown).

 	Water and Nutrition. Sounds so simple, and fixable. But it takes commitment, some good ideas, some willing hearts, and the financial resources to put those ideas into action. One of those ideas is the Water of Life (WOL) project.  

	Since 1993, WOL has been directed towards helping children obtain good clean water to drink. Its associated project — a nutritional supplement for children and young people called Taste-n-See — has been directed towards supplying essential vitamins, minerals and protein to alleviate malnutrition.

	UGM endorses the work of Plesion International and its two projects for children: WOL and Taste-n-See.

The Truth of the Good News is a simple one…Jesus Christ. He has given us a Hope… an Eternal one. Your child will believe what you tell them and they derive hope from your words. Soon they will lose that hope if you do not keep your word. It is the same with God, but He always keeps His Word.

Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father except through Me”. An astounding claim and a true one. However hard it is for an adult to believe that Life is found in Jesus Christ, that the Truth is Jesus Christ and that He is the only Way to God, the Father, it is not hard to a child.  
We forget so easily that Jesus also said this about children “For such is the kingdom of God…” That their unique and innocent belief in what we say and believe ourselves as adults, is the same for the kingdom of God … requiring both adult and child to place a simple child-like trust in God ... first, that God keeps His Word and second, that He has already provided the Way. 

Yes! ... He has. 

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. 


We invite you to download all or a  portion of the Chronological Presentation of the Gospel (CPG) … a series of 68 lessons — a simple teaching tool to give your child a foundation on which to base his/her faith in Jesus Christ.


CHILDREN need us Adults.  They are dependent on us to respond to their needs.


Children need SPIRITUAL help.  They need hope for their future — a hope they can trust who will always be there for them —  in this life and thereafter. We believe each child deserves to have that kind of hope. They need to be fed spiritually so the God-shaped vacuum in their lives can be filled. They need to be led to the Light of the world … Jesus Christ.


Children need PHYSICAL help too.   Just hold your breath and try to listen to a child. Soon your physical need for air will take over and you will stop listening.  A sick or hungry child will stop listening too.  His physical needs will soon overwhelm him. He needs physical help so he can listen to the Eternal message.  Children need to be led to the Bread of Life … Jesus.


CHILDREN need both PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL food.   It’s up to us adults to give both kinds of food to them.


UGM Endorses and / or Participates in the following projects:


Chronological Gospel (CPG)


Water of Life