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Chronological Gospel (CPG)
Food for New Believers (FNB)
Water of Life
Damascus Road Ministry
Emmaus Road Discourse project (ERD)

What is it?


The Chronological Presentation of the Gospel (CPG) is a series of 68 lessons in booklet form-taken from the Bible- which lead you through the foundational truths of the Gospel, from the Creation thru the Resurrection of Christ.


Written in simple question and answer format, each lesson builds on knowledge gained in the previous lesson. Sometimes the listener or reader is held in suspense— making them eager to hear the answer to a question posed previously or the conclusion of the Biblical account.


They are written in elementary English so they can be easily translated into any language. They are available in PDF format for downloading for this purpose or for personal use.


How and why did it come about?


Using material obtained by permission from the New Tribes Mission (NTM), the CPG is the 12 year work of veteran pioneer missionary, Ben Skaggs, who edited them for easy translation into the Me’en language spoken by the tribe of the same name residing in southern Ethiopia where he was ministering. The CPG is currently being translated into more African dialects.


How do I obtain the booklets?


Click on the DOWNLOAD link below. Then click on each booklet and your browser will automatically launch the Adobe Reader software on your computer. Save the downloaded copy in a separate folder. If you do not have the Adobe Reader software, it is also available for download FREE from Adobe at www.adobe.com



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